Vodka in the blood 

"What started as a family tradition has turned into a business for former fashionista Vitek Czernuszyn. Vitek Vodka Infusions, in rose and chocolate flavours, can be found at good bars and retailers."

Chill and shake

"Infusing fruit and spices into distilled vodka, Vitek Czernuszyn is carrying on a polish family legacy. Applying traditional infusion methods to commercial quantities, he has managed to retain a natrual product free of emulsifiers and preservatives. So chill your chodka (chocolate and cinnamon) and give it a shake before pouring - that´s real chocolate suspended in there. The other flavour is Rose - a pink infusion of rose and almond with a zest of lime." 

A glamorous life

"Vitek Vodka Infusions is our No. 1 choice for a fabulous night out" 

The tongue

"Piss-arse weak vodka infused with rose-petals? F__k off, what kind of hopeless drunk do you take me for? Still, I must confess by the third bottle it didn´t taste too bad! Hangover: Tastes like creaming soda mixed with nail polish, so i gave it to the dog to make its farts smell more appealing. Chance of a root: This one´s a real chick drink, so hopefully the boys will get a knees-up if some randy old troll overdoes it and wants to play a bit of mattress trampoline.  


"This Valentine´s Day, make a memorable toast to the one love with a Vitek Vodka Infusion. Polish-born Vitek Czernuszyn creates the flavoured vodkas using natural ingredients. Available in Rose or Chodka (chocolate)."

In good spirits

"If cocktails are your thing, you want to be seen sipping a tandia rose. Based on a rose-infused vodka by Vitek Vodka Infusions - a new range out of New South wales -the tandia rose is a tipple of the moment, satiating patrons at the Press Club and the Empire Hotel's Middle bar in Fortitude Valle