Vitek Vodka Masterclass

You will leave understanding why vodka is the largest selling spirit in the world.
Great for an office party, pre-dinner entertainment at home, or staff training.


Approx 60 minutes
(Some have gone for 3 hours of chatting and drinking)


*5 mainstream vodka brands- of all qualities
*Vitek Vodka Neat,
*5 flavored vodkas- including the unique fresh chocolate vodka
Canapés – to compliment the vodka (provided by a catering co)
Shot glasses – we provide (never serve more than 1/3 shots)
* Ice


*Start with a vodka cocktail on arrival (to wake up the palette)
*History of vodka
*The distilling process 
*What makes a good vodka – no they’re not all the same
*Back to back comparative tasting- learning to identify the top, middle, and exit notes that define different vodkas   
*An insight into and tastings of flavored vodka
*A mixology class – learn to mix the perfect martini
*A small sermon on responsible consumption of vodka


Group of 10-20     $3000