Our Story

Wódka Polksa - Infused with Australian purity.

These products come from a long family tradition of Polish vodka making.

 My name is Vitek and I was born in Poland. As a child I spent a few years in a Carmelite monastery in Israel before finally arriving in Australia.

 But wherever we lived around the world, my father always made vodka for friends and family - so I learnt to make vodka from him, as he learnt from his father who learns from his father.


Even though I took old vodka making methods and applied them to a contemporary brand, I never lost sight of the basic principles - no artificial colours, no flavouring and no preservatives. Just the raw ingredients... and a little bit of the magic passed down the generations. 


Like all vodka it should be drunk cold - either from the fridge or over ice and if you give them 15 seconds in a shaker and you will have an instant martini.

 I hope you enjoy them. Na zdrowie!


Vitek Czernusyn.