About us

Vitek - Director of Vitek VodkaVitek Vodka, the home of Polish style vodka handmade in Australia comes as a result of me watching my father making vodka for most of my childhood, much like my father and his father before him.  I took a traditional infusion method and adapted it to a contemporary product - thus emerged a line of extremely tasty and easy to drink vodkas designed to be drunk on the rocks or as martinis. Other than Neat, our straight vodka, which is 37% alc/vol, all the other products are like a martini - at 25% alc/vol. None of our vodkas contain any artificial flavouring, chemicals or emulsifiers. 

Bespoke Vodka - Made to Order!

Production at Eiling

Our ability to distill, infuse and blend vodka has created a bespoke vodka service in Australia for the first time. You give us a brief on what you would like and we create vodka to your requirements.

In the past we have created a winter vodka based on apple and clove infused with mountain honey for Neil Perry at Rockpool Restaurant. A Wasabi and Lemon - grass vodka for Luke Mangan at glass brasserie and an orange and ginger for Matt Moran at Aria, as well as Chodka, the chocolate and cinnamon sin in a bottle, which they have all served.

Fortunately our bespoke vodka service is also available to individuals.

When a banker on the Southern Highlands of NSW found his tree overladen with figs, we made them into a vodka for him. When a leading rock and roll promoter turned 60 we found out that his favourite fruit is mango, so for his birthday party in Thailand we sent him some Mango Madness to help things along.

You give us a brief - we'll give you a vodka. Contact us at vitek@vitekvodka.com, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter